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Oriental Treatments

Ayurvedic massage (60 minutes)

Energetic and holistic, it acts on muscles and circulation, improving arterial circulation and venous return. It also stimulates the lymphatic system and ensures general energetic re-balancing, producing deep physical and mental relaxation. Ayurvedic massage is performed using a warm massage oil on both head and body.

Thai massage (60 minutes)
Practised by the Buddhist monks of Thailand, it combines the finger pressure points of Chinese medicine with assisted yoga-type stretching. It consists of compressions, finger pressure, stretching and mobilizations which bring the patient to passively assume Yoga-type positions. It engenders a feeling of “lightness” – also at emotional level – and general well-being.

Shiatsu (60 minutes)
A Japanese manual technique carried out by using pressure of the fingers, palms, feet and elbows on different parts of the body. These pressures act in depth without slipping over the skin and produce a beneficial stimulus on circulation and lymphatic flow. They also act on the nervous system, relaxing muscular tension.