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Thermal water and mud

Waters and mud, thanks to their chemical and physical properties have a significant skin improving effect, stimulate micro-circulation and skin metabolism and exert an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and detergent action.
This means they are useful in the treatment of many aesthetic complaints such as cellulite, acne and premature aging. Very important are mineral water hydro-massages and the velvety thermal mud treatments (bio-stimulating facial masks and peeling) which are the hallmark of our centre.

Skin improving facial mask with velvety mud

The purifying, decongestant and clarifying properties of thermal water and mud are exploited. After cleansing, the skin is prepared for application of a mature thermal mud mask, which is left in place until it dries completely. This is followed by massage with a moisturising cream enriched with essential oils, selected according to skin type.

Peeling (only for the Ladies)

Peeling favours cell regeneration, improves skin oxygenation and enables more effective absorption of the active principles contained in mature thermal mud and cosmetic products. Treatment begins with a full-body scrub using mature mud, rich in mineral salts and trace elements; the next step is a shower to remove the mud, thermal hydro-massage with essential oils and to finish, a short hydrating massage.

Toning full-body mud pack

The application of mature thermal mud, enriched with essential oils, produces a toning and elastic effect; after a shower to remove the mud, a vitalising hydro-massage with essential mint, rosemary, thyme and sage oils completes the treatment.

Thermal hydro-massage with essential mint, rosemary, thyme and sage oils