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The waters of Sardara

The waters , geography , history

The thermal waters of Sardara , originate from the percolation of rainwater , down to thousands of feet deep and resurface , mineralized , at a temperature ranging from 45 to 60 ° C. The mineral water of Sardara is classified bicarbonate-alkaline- sodium, hyperthermal . In Italian waters of this type are very rare in Europe , the most famous ones of Vichy.

The presence of a dolmen in the thermal park, attests to the existence of proto- settlements in the sixteenth century . BC , a sign of a very ancient use of thermal water , though for votive purposes . The first historical references can be found around the third century BC, when the Romans built the ancient Roman baths of which remain significant , although scanty vestiges , the name from the nearby Phoenician colony of Neapolis , were known by the name of ” Aquae Neapolitanae ” , with the spread of the Christian Faith , the pagan temple of the Ancient Terme was dedicated to Santa Maria ad Aquas , hence the current name of the locality.


For modern medicine , health is not only a state of absence of disease but rather the achievement of perfect mental and physical balance to be safeguarded through three basic stages : prevention , care and rehabilitation . This concept is fully implemented the Antiche Terme where everything is designed for patient involvement in some sort of health path that allows a better approach to their health . The specialist multidisciplinary organization ensures the widest possible diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative .

Beauty and Wellness

It is becoming common in modern society , the concept of well-being enriched with aesthetic values ​​and meanings that take into account the individual psychophysical unity . The medical spa can fit into this context of health proposing adequate treatment

The water and mud of the Ancient Baths , for their chemical and physical characteristics , have a marked effect eudermic . They stimulate the microcirculation and skin metabolism , exert anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and detergent. Are therefore indicated for the treatment of many diseases caused by imperfections such as cellulite , acne , aging .