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Relaxing anti-stress massage (45 minutes)

This treatment favours relaxation and mental and physical re-balancing. Its approach is very soft and light and helps gradually reduce tensions linked to stress, relaxing muscle tissue and eliminating toxins from the organism.

Toning massage with essential oils (30 minutes)

The firming action of the essential oils improves muscle tone and elasticity favouring drainage of excess fluids. It produces a sensation of true well-being.

Lymph-drainage (60 minutes)

A massage to combat heaviness and swelling, giving a very pleasant feeling of lightness. Light pressure is exerted in the direction of lymph flow towards lymph nodes. The technique applied consists of touches with spiral or pump circular movements. It reduces swelling, improves microcirculation and restores the skin’s sensitivity and tone. It also has a relaxing effect and helps fight the imperfections caused by cellulite.