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Inhalatory Cures

Curative effects

The cure’s program includes 24 consecutive applications, one aerosol and one inhalation every day. Sunday excluded. The inhalation therapy is an important prescription for the treatment and the prevention of the pathologies of pulmonary and otolaryngologic interest. It consists in injecting of thin particles of the mineral water and/or gases in the respiratory tract or in the medium ear to guarantee the best therapeutic effect. Thanks to the ionic composition and the presence of the bicarbonate, the waters of Sardara had obtained a excellent results in this therapeutic field. The action is guaranteed by the anti-inflammatory, diluting, antispasmodic, trophic and immunity stimulating effects.

Indications of cures

The indications of the inhalation cure are:

  • chronic rhino-sinusitis
  • chronic allergic and/or vasomotoryrhino-patie
  • chronic pharyngitis
  • chronic tonsillitis
  • onsillar and adenoidal atrophy
  • chronic rhinitis
  • catarrhal tympanitis
  • subacute and chronic catarrhal otitis
  • complications of surgical ear’s operations
  • trachea-bronchitis
  • chronic bronchitis
  • chronic lingering bronchial pneumonia
  • asthmatic bronchitis

According to the degree of micro-ionization used for various zones and pathologies to cure, there are different technique:

  • inhalations by vapour jet: first of all, this technique is used for the treatment of characteristic pathologies of the respiratory tract (nose, throat, pharyngitis). It consists in inhaling the water after its transformation into the thin particles with approximately 5 micron’s diameter; the retention of the water on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract guarantees the therapeutic action. The treatment lasts for approximately 15 minutes;
  • ultrasonic nebulization: thanks to the ultrasounds, this technique allows the dispersion of the thin particles of water (1,5-2 microns) that can reach also the zones of the difficult access such as the pulmonary alveolus, and the whole respiratory system. The duration of the treatment is 15 minutes;
  • aerosols: this technique employs the gases dissolved in the water using a particular method – gurgling. The duration of the application is 10 minutes;
  • nasal irrigation: it consists in the long washing (10-20 minutes) of the nasal mucous membrane with mineral water of the temperature of 30/35°;
  • assisted pulmonary ventilation: this rehabilitation technique allows to increase the oxygenation ability of the patient; the pressure of the aerial flow distributed by the machine and the respiratory frequency are regulated in according with the degree of the insufficiency. Such ventilation helps to the patient to extend and make more efficient the respiration.

 Infomation and suggestions

We advise you to practice the cures for several consecutive years, in this way you will strengthen your immunity system and reduce the episodes of infections in winter. When it is necessary to carry out two programs of the cures per year, you should program them with the distance of 4-5 months one from another. This is particularly important for the children, because the inhalation cures represent an optimal stimulus for the strengthening of their immunity system. It is recommend to program the cure during the spring and one in autumn; in case of recurrent otitis or adenoidal hypertrophy the treatment should be repeated for several times a year during all the period of the maturing of the child. Besides, we recommend you to effect the cures’ program continuously, without a breaks, in order to guarantee an optimal biological stimulus of the mucous membrane and the hole immune system.

The patients should keep themselves off the currents of cold air, not assume very cold drinks after the treatments, not suspend the possible pharmacological therapies for such illnesses as the bronchial asthma without a instructions of the thermal physician; you should strictly adhere to the hygienic norms for the use and the keeping of your personal cure’s accessories.
It is not obligatory to reserve beforehand your inhalation cures, it is enough to go to the secretariat of the Thermae on Monday after 08.00 a.m. and after 15.00 p.m. At the moment of the reception you should render the prescription of the family doctor and the regional sanitary code. At the same time, must be played a ticket, as well as any other amounts relative to secondary cures or complementary not conventional cures.

Dr. Antonello Loi
Sanitary director of the Thermae of Sardara