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Hydropinic Cures

Curative effects

The cure’s program includes 12 consecutive applications, once every day, Sunday excluded. The hydropinics cure consists in the oral assumption of thermal water of determine temperature, according to the determine schedule, rhythm and time. This cure can be practiced in any period of the year in accordance with the patient’s necessity.The bicarbonate-alkaline-sodic waters, found in the stomach, increase the environmental pH by neutralizing the high levels of acidity; besides, the waters help to regularize the gastric contractility. On the hepatic-bilious-pancreatic level such waters compose positive effects of the production and fluidification of the bilious and pancreatic secretions, antispasmodic action of the cholecystitis. On intestinal level the bicarbonate-alkaline-sodic waters determine the activation of the digestive trials and the intestinal absorption, stimulus action of the intestinal transit, antispasmodic action. On the urinary apparatus level there are the diuretic effects and the protection from the nephrosis and bacterial agents. The bicarbonate-alkaline-sodic waters determine the positive effects on the exchange purine, glycolic, lipidic and facilitate the elimination of the uric acids by mobilization of the uric crystals from the deposits. Moreover, the waters helps to inhibit the formation of the calculus, to lower the glycaemic levels, the cholesterol level and the triglycerides.

Indications of cures

The indications for the hydropinics cures:
the illnesses of the digestive apparatus:

  • peptic and post-operating esophagitis
  • oesophagus spastic dysfunctions
  • gastritis and gastro-duodenitis
  • digestive insufficiencies
  • poor hepatic dysfunctions
  • dissension of the bile-ducts
  • gall-stones
  • chronic and lithiasis cholecysto-cholangio-patie
  • spastic colitis
  • chronic costiveness
  • consequences of surgical interventions of the stomach, duodenum, cholecystitis, bile-ducts, etc.
  • disease of the urinary system: urinary diathesis, calculuses

the metabolic disease:

  • diabetic ketose
  • hyperuricemia
  • hiper – cholesterolemia


if it is possible, plan your staying at the thermal station to guarantee the best recovery of the physical force involved by the treatments;
when it is necessary to carry out more than one cures’ program per year, you should program them with the distance of at least 3 months one from another.