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Aesthetics treatments

Anti-age firming and revitalising treatment (60 minutes)

Helps improve skin tone and firmness, restoring its natural luminosity and vitality. After cleansing, an intensive hydro-tensor serum face pack is applied. Next comes a massage with a revitalising and repairing cream whose complete absorption is favoured by the subsequent application of a firming mask of mature thermal mud.

Deep moisturising (45 minutes)

Particularly suitable for dry, dehydrated skin. After cleansing, a moisturising and repair emulsion is applied, whose penetration is stimulated by a high-frequency appliance; next comes a magnesium-based moisturising face pack, followed by massage with “Reidra” face cream. The treatment ends with a “Reidra” face mask.

Deep cleansing facial (90 minutes)

After cleansing with detergent, pores are dilated using a steam and ozone jet; then, where needed, comes delicate manual removal of blackheads followed by application of a peeling scrub. A decongestant face pack with essential oils is then applied, followed by massage with a nourishing cream, whose absorption is assisted by the a high frequency appliance. A moisturising or purifying mask ends the treatment.

Facial lymph-drainage (30 minutes)

A delicate massage of the face and décolleté which, by means of particular pressure on lymph ganglia, helps drain away excess liquids and eliminate toxins. This decongestant and purifying treatment gives a pleasant sensation of lightness and relaxation.

Face and scalp lymph-drainage (45 minutes)

The same treatment as above is extended to the whole head with significant decongestant and detoxifying effect also on the scalp.

Relaxing massage (15 minutes)

This stimulates microcirculation favouring cell oxygenation; it ensures toning of facial muscles and produces an immediate feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Good Feeling treatment for delicate skins (30 minutes)

Excellent for hypersensitive thin, light skins with weak capillaries. After cleaning, a soothing lotion is applied together with smoothing drops to facilitate absorption of the active principles. Then comes a treatment with an active vaso-protective concentrate followed by a delicate massage with a skin-regenerating oily blend. The treatment ends with a refreshing mask.

Vitamin C facial (30 minutes)

For dull, stressed skin. Thanks to the antioxidant properties of vitamin C and citroflavonoids (powerful protectors of capillaries) and also to the stimulating properties of orange essential oil, it restores the skin’s natural glow, suppleness and vitality.

Relaxing massage with brushes (15 minutes)

This treatment is ideal for sensitive skins. The product, selected specifically for different skin types, is made to penetrate by using two palm-shaped brushes. It stimulates micro-circulation, favours cell oxygenation and tones up facial muscles, producing an immediate sensation of pleasure and well-being.