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Guided Tours

Montevecchio Mines

Pick up at hotel
Hiking along the miners’track, inside the mining sites of  “Montevecchio” (between minerals and archaeological ruins, observing the Sardinian deer in the woods, taking spectacular pictures etc.)

Tourist transfer service from hotel. First stop at the Tower of Pirates (Torre dei Corsari) to observe the Spanish towers, the big sand dune of Flumentorgiu, the coastal morphology and the aromatic plants. Second stop at the village and fish farm of Marceddì to find out more about the geology, flora and fauna of the lagoon system, traditional fishing and fish farming, the merca mullet and fish eggs etc.)

Return to hotel

Duration: 4 hours


Pick up at hotel

A description of the geographical and geological contents of the itinerary will be given throughout the transfer service on the SS131
Access on foot to visit the neighbourhood of  Castello, the Cathedral, the Viceregio palace, the Bastion of St. Remì, etc. down to Yenne Square

Bus tour towards the Cathedral of Our Lady of Bonaria (N.S. di Bonaria), Milano street, Amsicora stadium, the Devil’s saddle (Sella del Diavolo), Poetto beach etc.
A description of the historical contents of the castles located along the itinerary will be given throughout the transfer service on the SS131

Return to hotel

Duration: 4 hours

Excursion and transfer service from Sardara to Cagliari and back= 1h and 30m
Walking tour in the neighborhood of Castello = 1h and 10m

Sightseeing bus tour (the Church of Our Lady of Bonaria , Sella del Diavolo, Poetto beach, flamingos, saline of Quartu) = 1h and 20m




Visit to the Castle of Sanluri owned by the counts of Villa Santa .Inside the Castle there are: the Museum of the Duke of Aosta, the wax museum (approximately 400 works from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century), the study of the general Nino Villa Santa and his correspondence with Gabriele D’Annunzio, memoirs of Napoleon’s family, the bedrooms’ furniture of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century, the Gondi room, the Hunting room and the Queens’room.

Duration of the guided tour: 1 hour – Overall duration of the tour: 1/2 day

Opportunity to stop at Tuveri furniture and home centre

The Miniature Park of Sardinia

The Miniature Park of Sardinia includes: the one to one scale model of a nuragic village, the botanical path, the observation tower, the boat ride around the miniature park of Sardinia, the train ride around the park, the astronomy museum and the projection of the planetarium, the DARWIN show- the adventure of the aquarium evolution and the African cycles, the Iguana terrarium, the aviary and the parrots, the life-size model of the Beagle vessel and the model of the Galapagos Islands, the BIOSFERA show of Sardinia and a partial view of the rainforest populated by beautiful tropical butterflies, parrots, exotic insects, fish and chameleons.

Overall duration of the tour:   1/2 day